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About Us


Oodaii is the fresh offspring of Amaravathi Textiles, one of the oldest home textile export units in Tamil Nadu. Established in 1970, Amaravathi has a comprehensive range of Home textiles with a committed focus on innovative design, impeccable quality and sustainable practices which has ensured the company an enviable International presence.

Oodaii is a new chapter in this story and the strong roots allow us to dream of & create products that are carefully designed, unique and are a testament to the culture of ethical values, quality and design that defines us.


At Oodaii we are inspired & guided by the Moods, Textures, Colours, Beauty & Messages of Life.

The rich scent of the Earth, the fluid calm of the sea, the powerful breath of a storm, the happy laughter of a child, and the peaceful fragrance of a garden, all move us to create products infused with this essence!

The thought of making you feel good when you hold one of our products in your hands is what keeps us moving enthusiastically on this creative journey.


We, at Oodaii, are committed to preserving our Environment to the best of our ability.

Our manufacturing facilities comply with stringent environmental norms and are equipped with effluent treatment. Our Dyeing plant uses reverse osmosis with a multi-effect evaporator to qualify as a zero-discharge unit. We are shaped, nurtured and sustained by our environment and we have an undeniable responsibility to tread gratefully and gently on this Earth!

We at Oodaii, an offspring of Amaravathi Textiles, adhere to the highest standards, from sourcing and manufacturing to sustainability and are deeply committed to preserving the environment.