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Ease Wrap:  A Touch of Bliss in Every Embrace

Gentle Gauze Towels, soft as Feathers, to Delight your Bundle of Joy

Premium Towels for your Furry Friends, Created with Love and Care

Dip-Dyed Works of Art for Every Mood

A Limited Edition Collection | Where Sophistication and Allure Embrace in a Captivating Play of Light and Shadow

A Drip-Free Comfort Zone between Shower and Bedroom

Collection Highlight

Petal Collection

Introducing the Petal Collection, a delightful range of baby towels made from Cotton Gauze cloth, skillfully combining gentleness with functional excellence. These unbelievably soft, feather-light, and delicately thin towels are thoughtfully designed to cocoon your baby in comfort. With a gentle touch that pampers delicate skin and an airy design for quick-drying convenience, they transform bath time into a soothing experience for your bundle of joy.

About Us

Our Story

Oodaii is the fresh offspring of Amaravathi Textiles, one of the oldest home textile export units in Tamil Nadu. Established in 1970, Amaravathi has a comprehensive range of Home textiles with a committed focus on innovative design, impeccable quality and sustainable practices which has ensured the company an enviable International presence.

Oodaii is a new chapter in this story and the strong roots allow us to dream of & create products that are carefully designed, unique and are a testament to the culture of ethical values, quality and design that defines us.


At Oodaii we are inspired & guided by the Moods, Textures, Colours, Beauty & Messages of Life.

The rich scent of the Earth, the fluid calm of the sea, the powerful breath of a storm, the happy laughter of a child, and the peaceful fragrance of a garden, all move us to create products infused with this essence!

The thought of making you feel good when you hold one of our products in your hands is what keeps us moving enthusiastically on this creative journey.


We, at Oodaii, are committed to preserving our Environment to the best of our ability.

Our manufacturing facilities comply with stringent environmental norms and are equipped with effluent treatment. Our Dyeing plant uses reverse osmosis with a multi-effect evaporator to qualify as a zero-discharge unit. We are shaped, nurtured and sustained by our environment and we have an undeniable responsibility to tread gratefully and gently on this Earth!


Welcome to the heart of Oodaii, where the magic of textiles intertwines with the essence of life. This space is a gateway to a world of creativity, innovation, and meaningful connections. Join us on this exciting journey as we delve into various elements that define the Oodaii brand.

Why Choose Oodaii Towels for Your Baby?

Why Choose Oodaii Towels for Your Baby?

Welcoming a new baby into your home comes with a myriad of decisions, from the right crib to the safest toys. Among these essential choices is selecting the best towels for your little one's sensit...

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A New Wave of Comfort: The Oodaii Adult Poncho

A New Wave of Comfort: The Oodaii Adult Poncho

Have you ever found yourself in a dance with a towel, trying to change out of a swimsuit without revealing too much? We've all been there, and it's time for a change. Enter the Oodaii Adult Poncho,...

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Luxury with Oodaii's XL Bath Towels

Luxury with Oodaii's XL Bath Towels

Imagine wrapping yourself in a cocoon of softness and warmth after a relaxing bath. With Oodaii's XL Bath Towel range, this dream becomes a reality. Crafted for those who appreciate the finer thing...

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Customer Testimonials

"I'm in love with the Ombre Hammam Bath Towel! It's incredibly soft, super absorbent, and so easy to pack for my travels. Plus, the beach-inspired design adds a touch of serenity to my post-shower routine. It's the first item I’ll pack for my trip to Goa” 


“Oodaii Towels are truly of exceptional quality. Extremely soft and absorbent! Wonderful earthy hues as well.

Love the Gaia collection!”


“The softest towel that I have encountered. Excellent water absorption. Recommend strongly.”

Dev Ray

“Extremely good. The towels are of great quality and the colours are so soothing. Love them.”

Sunanda Chordia

“I absolutely loved the towel. It’s soft, absorbent, and looks lovely!”


We at Oodaii, an offspring of Amaravathi Textiles, adhere to the highest standards, from sourcing and manufacturing to sustainability and are deeply committed to preserving the environment.

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